Octopizzo: Why I will never work with Khaligraph

muloozi Daniel
muloozi Daniel

Kenyan music fans might have to wait longer for a collaboration between rappers Octopizzo and Khaligraph Jones.

In an interview with Willy M Tuva, Octopizzo has revealed hesitance to work with Khaligraph due to a personal issue stemming from their past rivalry.

Octopizzo, known by his stage name “Namba Nane,” explained his boundaries in creative conflicts. He can handle lyrical battles and disagreements about music, but bringing family or personal partners into the feud is a red line.

While acknowledging the challenges of fame, including rivalries, Octopizzo emphasized his refusal to work with anyone who insults his family.

“There’s a difference between a lyrical beef…but if you go after my child or my partner, that’s not beef, that’s personal,” he said.

He implied that Khaligraph crossed this line in the past, leading to Octopizzo’s current stance. However, he left a sliver of hope for reconciliation. If Khaligraph approaches him humbly and makes amends, Octopizzo might reconsider.

This news comes after Khaligraph Jones previously acknowledged the longstanding tension between them in his own interview. He suggested a lack of personal connection with Octopizzo, stating, “There are some people you just don’t vibe with, and you can’t blame them, it’s just how it is.”

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