Octopizzo addresses his feud with Khaligraph Jones

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Octopizzo, aka Namba Nane, the renowned Kenyan rapper from Kibera, has once again spoken out about his feud with fellow rapper Khaligraph Jones aka Papa Jones.

In a recent interview, the award-winning rapper made it clear that beef between rappers can only be good for business if they’re both making money from it. He even gave a shoutout to Khaligraph, encouraging him to keep putting out great music.

Huyo ni morio Wangu na azidi kuweka bidii. Piga mawe,” Octopizzo said.

When asked if he had heard Khaligraph’s latest single called ‘Bang‘, Octo admitted he hadn’t but was open to giving it a listen.

I haven’t heard the song but you can play if for me if you have it. If I had listened to it, I would have easily talked about it because he is my guy,” Octopizzo added.

Their recent spat traces back to an interview Octopizzo did with Willy M Tuva, where he expressed reluctance to collaborate with Khaligraph due to a past incident that rubbed him the wrong way.

Octopizzo clarified that while he’s fine with lyrical and musical disagreements, he draws the line when it comes to family matters.

Octopizzo further emphasized his refusal to work with anyone who insults his family.

There’s a difference between a lyrical beef…but if you go after my child or my partner, that’s not beef, that’s personal,” he said.

He implied that Khaligraph crossed this line in the past, leading to Octopizzo’s current stance.

However, Octopizzo left a glimmer of hope for reconciliation saying that if Khaligraph approaches him humbly and makes amends, he might reconsider.

So, while their rap feud keeps the fans buzzing, there’s still a chance for these two to bury the hatchet and make some epic music together!

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