Obinna to sue Massawe Japanni and Radio Africa Group

Bramwel Oloo
Bramwel Oloo

Former radio presenter and current YouTube host, Oga Obinna, has announced plans to sue Massawe Japanni, Radio Africa, and the late Black Cinderella for defamation.

According to Obinna, the three have tarnished his name by referring to him as a ‘rapist’.

I will use the three as an example of journalists who jump on trends without caring to seek the truth,” Obinna stated.

The plans for legal action come a few days after he was said to have forced himself on 19-year-old Brianna, who exposed him through Kenya’s truth watchdog page.

Stories painting him as a rapist first emerged with Black Cinderella. However, they gained traction after Massawe Japanni and Radio Africa picked them up and interviewed the lady without reaching out to me for my side of the story.

The biased nature of the story is my main reason for seeking justice through the law, as it appears the radio presenters ran the story with the intention of ruining my image,” Obinna emphasized.

While this isn’t the first time he has faced such accusations,Obinna said he hoped the truth will come out “as soon as my lawyer is done with those behind the fake stories.”

Briana and Kyle have been the topic of discussion for weeks now after announcing they are a couple despite being brother and sister. While Obinna claimed to have helped the siblings, Brianna said otherwise.

She made a paramount accusation against Obinna, stating that he tried to sleep with her after they were invited over for dinner at Obinna’s place.

In related news, Dem wa Facebook has now come out to defend Obinna from claims that he is a ‘rapist’. She claims Obinna can’t indulge in such an obnoxious act, depicting him as a decent and respectful person.”

She further encouraged Brianna and Kyle to apologize to Obinna for their sentiments.

Mimi naambia hao watoto wakuje wa apologize. Naomba tafadhali. Wanakuharibia jina. Na kama mnatafuta kitu ya kutrend tafuteni kitu kwa amani,” Dem wa Facebook said.

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