Noti Flow: I am done with women, I want a man now!

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Natalia Florence, a renowned female rapper popularly known as Noti Flow, has made a U-turn regarding dating women. The ‘Kamatia‘ hit maker now claims that she is actively seeking a male friend to fill a void left by her female companions.

Noti Flow, celebrated for hits like “Kamatia,” “My Boo,” “Foto Moto,” and “Tupendane” featuring Prezzo, took to her Instagram story to share her reasons, citing betrayal by her female friends who she claims turned against her, referring to them as ‘snakes’.

All my female friends turned against me and became snakes, so I want to try a male friend this time,” she wrote on her Instagram stories.

Expressing her disillusionment, the artist now claims she is ready for a man!

This is not her first U-turn since she was once in another popular relationship with Colonel Mustapha. She would later dump him for King Alami, a woman, stating that she will never again date a man.

Noti Flow’s tumultuous relationship with King Alami was marked by frequent breakups and reconciliations.  

The two lovebirds had an intriguing and often much talked about relationship within the Kenyan music scene. Their love journey was marked by both public displays of affection and moments of controversy, making them a subject of fascination for their fans and followers.  

The two hit it off after Noti Flow, known for her explicit lyrics and confident persona, crossed paths with King Alami, a rising star in the Gengetone music genre and their connection grew beyond the professional realm. They soon became romantically involved at which point Noti then went ahead to declare that she would never date any man since her boo, King Alami was loyal.

The news of their relationship quickly spread across social media platforms, generating a buzz among their fan bases. Fans and Kenyans alike questioned whether their relationship was genuine or merely a publicity stunt to boost their careers.

However, in April 2022, Noti Flow took to social media to announce that she is no longer interested in her partner King Alami after fans claimed that their relationship was heading south.

A week later, King Alami took to her Instagram page to ask her ex-girlfriend Noti Flow, to come back to her. King Aami pleaded with Noti Flow to pick up her calls to at least talk to her and go back to her saying that she was sorry for the wrongs she did.

King Alami posted a music video by Noti Flow and captioned it. “Pick up the phone baby take me back baby I’m sorry!!

Noti Flow however remained resolute in her decision to call off the relationship.

The situation was further complicated by King Alami’s tragic accident two years prior, resulting in a severe injury that required the amputation of her arm.

The breakdown in the relationship further took another twist as Alami’s family blamed Noti flow for the incident that led to Alami falling down from the apartment building.

Noti Flow however insists King Alami was with someone else when she ‘threw herself’ from the building apartment.

Noti also blamed unnamed family members and police for denying her access to Alami “but we’d still talk on the phone for the weeks she was there“.

The couple finally stopped talking once Alami was discharged from the hospital.

I noticed she became she’d become very distant and the phone calls became shorter & weirder. I asked her why and she said she’d been told by the mom not to talk to me again and they’re working on the papers so she can be taken to Canada,” Noti claimed.

Reflecting on their time together, Noti Flow expressed gratitude for the lessons learned and acknowledged the difficulties of letting go. However, she affirmed her readiness to move forward, for the sake of her own well-being.

I’m so sorry we couldn’t work. Maybe we loved each other too much & too much of something is poisonous. It took me many days. weeks..months to finally accept the fact that we can’t & we’ll never work despite the fact that we have a lot of love for each other,” Noti Flow stated.

And her moving on it seems, is to a man!

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