Mwalimu Rachel opens up on co-parenting, polygamy, and plans for second baby

muloozi Daniel
muloozi Daniel

Celebrated radio personality and MC Mwalimu Rachel recently shared her own experience as a mother, revealing that she made the decision to give full custody of her son to his father when he turned 10.

According to the former NRG radio presenter, she explained that she believed her son needed a male role model to guide him through adolescence and into manhood.

The celebrated radio star also added that being a parent requires dedication, selflessness, and sacrifice.

Mwalimu Rachel stressed the importance of effective co-parenting, emphasizing that she and her ex-partner have established a co-parenting arrangement where their son spends most of his time with his father and visits her on weekends.

We actually co-parent. It’s not easy now that he’s almost a teenager. Anaelekea puberty. What I did was I now took him to his dad aishi naye. Now I only take him during the weekends. I wonder why some women find this hard. Unasaidiwa kazi, especially if this is a responsible man,” she explained.

Mwalimu Rachel believes that this arrangement is successful because of mutual trust, respect, and responsibility.

She also believes that allowing her son to spend quality time with his father has positively impacted his upbringing, helping him learn important life skills.

However, successful co-parenting requires mutual respect and open communication. Mwalimu Rachel emphasized the importance of watching one’s words and actions, as children are sensitive to their parents’ behavior.

Don’t think your kids are dumb. Hata wewe vile utaongelesha bake kwa simu you are moulding them. So watch yourself. They can sense when something is not right. Have a cool head. Sometimes we let our egos get in the way. The focus is on the child,” she added.

Plans for another baby?

Regarding the topic of having more children, Mwalimu Rachel admitted that it was not part of her plan.

However, she mentioned that having a committed partner might change her mind.

If there’s a man who can change my mind, then I am open to that possibility,” she stated.

Besides her biological child, Mwalimu Rachel considers herself a mother figure to many others whom she has nurtured over the years.

Rejecting the label of “single mother,” Mwalimu Rachel further encouraged women to redefine their identities beyond their relationship status. According to Mwalimu, there needs to be an inclusive approach to motherhood, focusing on the role of mothers rather than their relationship status.

Is polygamy good…or bad?

Additionally, Mwalimu Rachel shared her views on polygamy, recognizing it as a lifestyle choice suited for those with the means to support multiple partners equally.

While she agreed she sees potential benefits in polygamous relationships, she cautioned against entering into such arrangements without the financial means to sustain them.

I’m not against polygamy because it’s for rich men. It is for rich men who can make the standard of living for all their wives the same. Watoto wanaenda shule same standard, they have the same lifestyle standards…what’s wrong with that? This might be the reason people have side partners because they can’t maintain,” she concluded.

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