Miracle Baby undergoes fourth surgery

David Osoro
David Osoro

Renowned Mugithi and Gengetone artist Peter Mwangi, better known as Miracle Baby, has undergone his fourth abdominal surgery in just a few years.

The former Sailors group star had a successful surgery on Thursday evening at a Nairobi hospital to address his intestinal problem.

Videos shared online showed him in the hospital, reassuring friends and family that he would come out of the surgery successfully.

Praise the Lord. I must come out of this, right? We’ll catch up later,” Miracle Baby said to the people accompanying him to the hospital before entering the operating room.

This marks his fourth surgery in a short span of time, coming just two and a half months after his third surgery.

Miracle Baby has been battling intestinal problems for some time, with the condition dating back to 2018, as explained by his partner Carol Katrue back in January.

“He has been suffering from stomach issues since 2018 when he underwent his first surgery. The doctors said they were removing a growth, they did a CT scan, said things were blocked, and performed surgery.”

In May 2023, when the problem recurred, the couple returned to hospital and were asked to do an ultrasound.

“They couldn’t see his appendix. Then we did a CT scan. It turned out another hospital had removed his appendix. We thought they had removed the growth instead. They also didn’t return his organs properly.”

“So they took out the appendix, so when he went in for surgery and didn’t find the growth, I think they removed the appendix, so they reconnected him in 2023.”

“So more often than not, his intestines would get severely blocked; we would take him to the hospital for an injection that would temporarily solve the problem and he would be discharged,” she added.

“So when we went to the hospital on Sunday, we thought it was one thing, the family thought it was a simple and quick procedure. It wasn’t.

We were sent for a CT scan, it was found that there was still a problem with his intestines. For two days, they tried using a tube and medication, but nothing worked. Last Wednesday, his stomach was swollen; he couldn’t eat. He couldn’t go to the bathroom,” she continued.

“He underwent emergency surgery, and they found that his intestines had ruptured, and feces spilled into his abdomen.”

A few weeks ago, Miracle Baby revealed that the one thing he really misses is being able to go to toilet without issues.

Since January, I haven’t been able to go to the toilet, but soon I will have my intestines restored so that I can go to the toilet on my own,” Miracle Baby revealed.

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