Miracle Baby opens up on his journey to recovery after surgery

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Talented Mugithi and Gengetone singer, Miracle Baby, formerly of the Sailors group, has opened up about his tough journey to recovery following surgery on his small intestines.

Miracle Baby was finally released from hospital to continue his recovery at home. Right before his discharge, he thanked God and promised to turn over a new leaf in his life once he completely heals.

His partner, Carol Katrue, previously shed light on the ordeal that led to Miracle Baby spending a significant time in the hospital. She explained that he underwent surgery due to complications in his digestive system, which, though successful, resulted in a busted intestine.

Recently, his girlfriend surprised him with a surprise gift on his birthday. However, during his birthday speech, the singer candidly shared the ongoing pain he experiences despite being out of the hospital.

“Since January, I haven’t been able to go to the toilet, but soon I will have my intestines restored so that I can go to the toilet on my own,” Miracle Baby revealed.

He expressed gratitude to those who visited him in the hospital, noting that their support gives him hope for a brighter future.

“When I see you people from St Mary’s, my heart leaps with joy. My heart leaps because when I see you, I see myself going to the toilet soon. I miss going to the toilet, and this is not a joke,” he added.

Miracle Baby in hospital

While well-wishers have contributed to his medical bills, tensions rose when celebrities like KRG the Don & Weezdom accused Carol Katrue & Miracle Baby of being ungrateful after receiving support.

President William Ruto and comedian Eric Omondi were among the notable personalities who stepped forward to offer his support towards Miracle Baby’s hospital bills, showing solidarity with the singer during this challenging time.

And in other exciting news, Zunguka Africa Tours and Travel has offered Miracle Baby and his partner Carol Katrue a fully paid trip to Mombasa.

The 3-day holiday aims to provide the couple with a well-deserved break and an opportunity to spend quality time together after Miracle Baby’s prolonged health struggles.

From the team at pilipili.co.ke we wish Miracle Baby a lovely holiday and a speedy recovery!

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