Marriage is not a career, do not rush to get married – advises Pastor T

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Anthony Kahura Mwangi, popularly known as Mr T or Pastor T Mwangi, has some advice for those considering marriage: don’t rush into it!

Happily married to Claudia Wahito with one child, the pastor confessed that he took his sweet time before finally tying the knot at the age of 32.

In a TikTok video, Mwangi reflected on his journey, revealing that he was a prayer item for his mother for years.

Usikimbie, take your time. I got married when I was 32. I was a prayer item for my mum, every Christmas she used to look at ‘how have I come? There is the biological time bomb. I was in a prophetic relationship. If I had gotten married at 25, I do not know where I would be,” he shared.

Emphasizing the importance of taking one’s time before marriage, Pastor T further warned his followers not to rush into marriage as that can lead to a wrong choice of partner.

Marriage is not a career; take time before you marry wrong,” Pastor T advised.

Pastor T’s views on dowry payment

In a previous interview, the outspoken pastor also discussed his views on dowry, stating that he never paid any for his wife. He argued against the practice, calling it slavery and attributing it to the failure of many marriages.

You will always buy that woman for the price of her mother,” he asserted.

Recounting his own experience, Mwangi shared that he informed his in-laws that he would not pay dowry, stating that the value of his wife is in the blood of Jesus.

They brought some elders, but I told them where I come from, it’s a kingdom, and we don’t pay dowry,” he explained.

Pastor T further expressed the high value he places on his daughter, stating that she is invaluable and cannot be sold.

Who is Pastor T?

Pastor T is a minister of the Gospel serving as the senior pastor of Life Church International Limuru in Kiambu County and the Gathering of Champions, an interdenominational fellowship in Nairobi.

Born in Samburu, Kenya, on August 17, he began his career as a Gospel rapper in 2005. Known for his radical stance on Gospel truth, he has released three mixtapes – Finje Finje, The Apostle meets the Prophet, and Ecclesia.

Pastor T has also received nominations for various awards in Kenya, winning the Best Hip-Hop Video and Reggae Song Video at the Bambika Video Awards. He was also named the Most Influential Online Content influencer at the Impact Gospel Awards 2020.

He is married to Claudia Wahito with whom they share one child.

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