Khalif Kairo forced to defend his lover from online bullies

muloozi Daniel
muloozi Daniel

Kenyan business entrepreneur and car dealer Khalif Kairo has been forced to take a firm stand against online bullies who attempted to belittle his girlfriend and dissuade him from continuing their relationship by bringing up her past.

Through his Twitter account, Kairo defended his girlfriend, asserting that despite the negative comments and resurfaced photos from her past, he remains committed to marrying her. He even extended an invitation to the critics to witness their forthcoming union, which he dubbed as the greatest in history.

Kairo further addressed the haters, stating that their attempts to undermine his relationship based on pictures from 2022 are futile. He emphasized that everyone has a past, including our mother’s!

However, according to car enthusiast, what matters most is focusing on the future and not letting past mistakes define the present.

Pesa inaflow, parents are proud, maisha zero drama na online scandals za wamama ni ziliisha. Yaani positive vibes, tu. Na mnafikiria nitakaachilia ju ya picha za 2022🤣😍.

Everybody has a past the critical thing is ignoring the past and focusing on the future….hata mkipost picha za mrembo za archives harusi bado nitawaita” Khalif wrote.

The Controversial Kairo

Khalif Kairo, real name Joseph Kairo Wambui, was born in November 1996 and grew up in Amboseli, a neighborhood in Kawangware, Nairobi County.

He ventured into the business world as a vehicle broker immediately after completing high school, facilitating transactions between car buyers and sellers for quick profits.

After gaining experience in various car dealerships, Kairo co-founded Imports By Kairo, a renowned premium car dealership. However, he was ousted from this venture by his business partner Clement Kinuthia, leading to a legal dispute over the ownership of Imports By Kairo (IBK).

Undeterred by setbacks, Kairo launched Kai & Karo, a car dealership that quickly gained traction in Kenya’s automotive industry.

Known for his outspokenness, Kairo doesn’t shy away from controversy and frequently engages in online disputes with critics. He often responds in kind to attacks from Kenyan social media users notorious for their harsh criticism.

This isn’t the first time Kairo has faced backlash online. Earlier this year, he came under scrutiny after attempting to sell a written-off Ford Mustang from the UK for Ksh 8 million.

The controversy erupted when social media users, spurred by Cyprian is Nyakundi, investigated the vehicle’s history, revealing it had been listed on British dealerships as salvage due to structural damage.

Addressing the allegations, Kairo admitted his company’s oversight and pledged to improve their vetting process for imported vehicles to ensure they have no repair or damage history.

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