Kate Actress reveals plans to undergo round 2 of cosmetic surgery

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Reknowned TV star Catherine Kamau, better known as Kate Actress, has dropped a bombshell hinting at another dive into the world of cosmetic surgery. And oh, it’s all about chasing those elusive abs!

In a candid Instagram exchange with fans, the mother of two spilled the beans while lamenting the perpetual tug-of-war between her constant struggle to eat the food she wants while seeking the much-desired stomach abs.

The constant battle between Food and ABS 😩 Mai lawd! But nways these gym fits are the cutest. Super stretchy and comfy too…” she posted to her legion of followers.

The post elicited lots of reactions from her fans who couldn’t agree with Kate Actress anymore regarding the desire to eat while keeping fit.

Kate Actress also suggested that she was saving to undergo a liposuction procedure.

But atleast we are saving for lipo 😂😂😂” Kate Actress stated.

Yes, you read that right! Liposuction might just be on the horizon for the beloved starlet, who seems determined to sculpt her physique to perfection.

For those scratching their heads, liposuction is the magic wand that sucks away fat from those pesky problem areas, promising a sleeker silhouette. But as with any magic trick, there are risks aplenty, from wonky contours to fluid build-up and even the dreaded fat embolism.

Kate’s flirtation with liposuction comes hot on the heels of a weight-loss misadventure involving a silicone balloon meant to help her cut weight.

The actress revealed that she swallowed a silicone balloon in the name of shedding pounds for that perfect figure and shape! Talk about dedication.

Apparently, she endured the rubbery companion in her tummy for a grueling four months before calling it quits. And the results? A staggering 15-kilo drop in just a few weeks!

I told them (the hospital), I wanted to lose weight but not this much coz I still want to be a curvy girl,” Kate confessed, revealing her struggle to maintain her signature curves.

I realised that my body would shrink and I might not look like the same person. I would not look nice. I talked to them and they told me after a month they would incorporate movement and change my diet so I don’t end up losing so much and look saggy,” she said.

But fear not, dear fans! Kate’s not one to stay down for long. Post-balloon fiasco, she hit the gym with a vengeance, pumping iron and reclaiming her curves one squat at a time.

I love working out and lifting weights. I started working out slowly and went back to the gym as I needed to have my muscles back. I realized that my weight was coming back and I looked even better,” she proudly proclaimed.

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