Jose Chameleone celebrates 45th birthday with pomp

David Osoro
David Osoro

Ugandan music sensation Jose Chameleone marked a significant milestone over the weekend as he rang in his 45th birthday with a grand celebration, inviting fans to join the festivities.

Chameleone was born 45 years ago on 30 April 1979 as Joseph Mayanja

He has always preferred low-key birthday celebrations but this year he decided to do things differently.

Come one, Come all. I invite you all to celebrate with me another year. This Sunday – THE VILLA | BUKOTO,” he enthusiastically urged his followers ahead of the event.

During the celebration, Chameleone was presented with three beautifully adorned cakes, which he graciously accepted.

Speaking to his fans after cutting the cakes, he expressed his gratitude but noted a lack of sentimentality in the moment.

“I committed to one thing. I am not going to get emotional. There is nothing to be emotional about. I am just celebrating…and this is the last birthday I’m celebrating. My next birthday is when I turn 50,” he declared, hinting at a shift in future celebrations.

Despite his decision to scale back on public birthday bashes, Chameleone remained focused on enjoying the present moment, thanking his fans for their presence and participation in making the day special.

Among those who lauded Chameleone’s achievements in the music industry were his childhood friends, who praised his dedication and hard work. The Leone Island Music CEO graciously acknowledged their support and treated the crowd to a selection of his hit songs, further elevating the celebratory atmosphere.

Chameleone’s career began in 1996 as a DJ at the Missouri night club in Kampala. He became active as a musician in 1998 in Kenya with the Ogopa Deejays, then a Kenyan record label, which released his first single, “Bageya“, featuring Kenyan artist Redsan.

Throughout the years he has had record selling albums locally like Mama MiaMambo BadoJamilaKipepeoBageyaShida za DuniaBayuda, and Njoo Karibu.

Although his music is popular all over the African continent, the majority of his fans/listeners are mainly from the central part of Africa (DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania).

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