Hype Ballo charged with murder of DCI officer

David Osoro
David Osoro

Popular entertainer Allan Ochieng, known as Hype Ballo, appeared in Kiambu High Court on Monday, facing charges for the murder of Felix Kelian Kintosi, a DCI officer from DCI Dagoretti.

Ballo however denied all the accusations presented against him. The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP), represented by prosecution counsel Jenifer Ndeda, requested his detention until a social inquiry report by Probation and Aftercare is completed.

Lady Justice Dorah Chepkwony approved the prosecution’s request, ordering the accused to be remanded at Nairobi remand prison for an additional 7 days.

Ballo was arrested along with six others, including celebrated mix master, DJ Joe Mfalme, in connection to Kintosi’s murder.

Kitosi died after he was assaulted by DJ Joe Mfalme and his entourage that included Hype Ballo. The altercation occured after Kintosi’s car and Mfalme’s car were involved in a ‘non-injury’ traffic -related accident.

Kintosi died three days later while receiving treatment from injuries received from the assault.

The remaining six, including DJ Joe Mfalme, were later released after they turned prosecution witnesses leading Kenyans wondering if Hype Ballo was sacrificed by his people.

To put rest these rumours, DJ Joe Mfalme was forced to issue a statement saying that he was still in touch with Hype Ballo and that they are still friends despite everything.

The court has set the hearing for Ochieng’s bail or bond application for May 2.

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