Harmonize forced to apologize for claiming God is a woman

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Tanzanian singer Rajabu Abdulkahali Ibrahim, popularly known as Harmonize, has apologized to his fans and retracted his comments a week after he sparked controversy by claiming that God was a woman.

According to a controversial post on his Instagram, Harmonize claimed both God and woman have special abilities that are only applicable to women and not to men.

Harmonize further went on to claim that God gives life and so does a woman bring forth a child from her womb. He also stated that just like God is caring, so is a woman who protects her own with everything she has.

It took me 30 years to come to the conclusion that God could actually be a woman,” he wrote on Instagram. 

The post sparked an uproar from netizens who accused him of blasphemy with others accusing him of posting things on social media while high from drugs.

Harmonize is a Muslim and this comment also pushed many to accuse him of neglecting the Islam teachings on why God should never be likened to anything.

However a week later, Harmonize has been forced to retract his statement and issue an apology to those affected by his insensitive comments. His apology came during an Insta live session.

Harmonize however stated that his intentions with the post were pure and aimed at praising women, but somehow got over-analyzed.

I may have gone overboard, but it’s just a way of appreciating women. God knows what I meant, so I am sure He has forgiven me,” he stated.

The singer went on add that just like every other human being, he is not perfect and that he also makes mistakes.

I make mistakes all the time, but I also speak the truth. It’s important for us to forgive each other and learn from our mistakes,” he added.

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