From Matatu Tout to Culinary Master: Who is ‘Chef wa Eastlando’?

muloozi Daniel
muloozi Daniel

Chef wa Eastlando, the renowned culinary sensation from Kenya, recently opened up about his intriguing life journey in an exclusive interview with YouTuber Oga Obinna.

During the conversation, Chef wa Eastlando, also known as Jangu Hudheif, shared personal insights into his meteoric rise to fame.

Born and raised in the vibrant neighborhood of Umoja, Chef wa Eastlando is not just a chef; he’s also a twin and subscribes to the Muslim faith.

Despite his roots in Eastlands, he chose not to pursue further education after primary school, stating, “Niliona shule hainisaidii.”

Niliona shule hainisaidii…!

Chef wa Eastlando on why he didn’t pursue further education

Before gaining recognition as a chef, Chef wa Eastlando ventured into various professions.

The renowned chef revealed that he started hustling as a matatu tout and later delved into trading second-hand clothes (mtumba).

Niliingia squad, nikakuwa donda. But nilikuwa kamagera kwanza na seti,” the Chef explained.

Despite his early career diversions, Chef wa Eastlando always had an eye for fashion, even during his time as a mtumba trader.

“I had an eye for fashion, and my friends complimented me a lot,” he reminisced.

Regarding his relationship status, Chef wa Eastlando disclosed that he is currently single, attributing it to personal choice aligned with his Muslim beliefs.

Sina dame. It’s a choice I made. Us Muslims, we marry…we do not date,” he explained.

Chef wa Eastlando’s switch to the kitchen

Chef wa Eastlando’s journey into the culinary world was not a planned one but rather a result of necessity. He discovered his passion for cooking when he had to take care of his younger sibling while their guardian was away.

“I was brought up like I was the head of the family,” he shared. “So it was me and my younger brother, and he was too young to cook, so mostly I did it.”

Despite his growing fame, Chef wa Eastlando remains grounded and committed to his craft. He revealed that he shoots his cooking videos in a different location from his real home and disclosed his favorite dish to prepare: noodles and chicken biriani.

One distinctive feature of Chef wa Eastlando is his mask, which he wears to maintain anonymity and filter genuine fans.

When asked why he decided to hide his face to wear a mask in public, he explained, “I’m here to show people my craft and all that na siwezi taka hii design sijui ukitembea wapi unacheki selfie… nikaona ndio niavoid vitu kaa hizo, wacha ni fiche sura yangu.

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