Eric Omondi’s wife Lynne speaks up on her recent run-in with car vandals

Bramwel Oloo
Bramwel Oloo

Lynne, the better half of Kenyan comedy sensation Eric Omondi, in heart-pounding revelation, has opened up about a harrowing encounter she had with goons who vandalized her car.

Comedian Eric Omondi had gifted Lynne the lavish Mazda SUV as push gift in June last year when she was pregnant.

The bombshell news of the vandalization was dropped by Lynne during an exclusive interview with SPM Buzz media, and is bound to leave her fans shaken.

Recalling the spine-chilling incident, Lynne described it as nothing short of traumatic.

It was like something out of a movie,” she confessed.

Lynne revealed that she, along with her mother and sister, had just left a burial ceremony when they found themselves in the clutches of danger. Opting for what seemed like a shortcut down the infamous ‘forest road,’ the sad party did not know their shortcut would lead to a terrifying encounter.

Tulikuwa tunatoka burial with my mom and my sister. We were driving while vibing. We were using Forest road. The whole incident happened in five seconds. Huyo msee alibeba side mirror akakimbia. Akaruka kwa hiyo forest iko hapo,” Lynne recounted, her voice trembling with emotion.

Despite the adrenaline-fueled moment, Lynne, her mom, and sister emerged physically unscathed. However, their precious side mirror fell victim to the audacious thief’s swift hands.

Expressing her frustration, Lynne hinted at a deeper issue, suggesting that some vehicle owners might not earn as much as the vehicles they drive and thus heartbreaking when they are robbed.

She further added that police need to do more to protect Kenyans from such incidents.

The police should reinforce security tusikuwe tunaibiwa kwa traffic, honestly, because you can’t avoid traffic,” Lynne urged passionately.

Adding a touch of humor to the ordeal, Lynne shared Eric Omondi’s reaction upon hearing the news.

Alinichekelea immediately I told him. Akaniambia ‘kama uko na phone uko sawa’ – because alidhani niliibiwa the whole thing mpaka the whole hood. Aliniambia tu…Karibu Nairobi! ” she revealed, chuckling at her husband’s comical response.

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