Elodie Zone reveals why she has 28 body tattoos

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Former NRG radio presenter and content creator Elodie Zone has revealed that tattoos have been a coping mechanism for her battle with depression.

Speaking during an interactive session with Flossytrukid, Elodie shared details about her tattoo collection and its connection to her mental health struggles.

When asked about the number of tattoos she has, Elodie responded, “I have 27/28 Tattoos. I am depressed, so I just tattoo my body.”

Elodie gained attention earlier this year when she posted a video on TikTok sharing her personal hardships.

In the video, which has since circulated widely, she revealed various challenges she has faced, including family issues, conflicts with friends, a breakup due to intimacy issues, job loss, and housing problems.

The former radio presenter revealed that her family had abandoned her after they disagreed. She also parted ways with her friends and went through a breakup due to intimacy issues.

As if the universe was conspiring against her, she also lost her job.

Elodie further recounted a disturbing incident of physical abuse by a man she lived with, who was allegedly intoxicated at the time of the beating. Following the assault, she was forced to leave and has since been residing in different temporary short-stay apartments, popularly referred to as AirBnB, since February.

Elodie disclosed that out of her four relationships, two were abusive. She described feeling isolated and emotionally detached from her surroundings.

So yeah. I’m just seated in this apartment not trusting anyone, not scared, not sad, not even angry,” she said.

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