Diana Chacha reveals she lost influencer jobs after gaining weight due to pregnancy

David Osoro
David Osoro

Content creator Diana Chacha has heartbreakingly revealed how she lost her influencing jobs after gaining weight during pregnancy.

The former model, sitting alongside her husband MC Price, spoke during an interview on the show Live In The Wild hosted by Size 8 and DJ Mo.

Chacha tearfully recounted the challenges of losing jobs while balancing motherhood and marriage.

“My body was my office at that time, and it was bringing in good money. I used to step into fashion houses and earn well,” she explained.

The couple also expressed how her husband struggled to fully grasp her situation.

“I think I only understood a fraction of what she was going through,” MC Price admitted.

“I didn’t have the same lifestyle, I’m not posting, while my fellow influencers are progressing and landing new deals,” Chacha continued.

Days after the interview, Chacha took to social media to open up about the trauma she went through after suffering a miscarriage in 2023.

In the post she shared a photo of herself in tears with a caption detailing her hardships.

“Last year was the hardest in my life. From gaining weight due to pregnancy to losing the unborn baby, quitting the fashion industry, losing brand deals due to inactivity, to my marriage being affected, and sinking into severe depression.”

However, in 2023, Diana did finally succeed to carry another pregnancy which she prays to carry to full term, bringing newfound joy with the baby expected sometimes in 2024.

“God restored my happiness. This pregnancy has brought favor and opened doors. My marriage is in a better place, and the brands I’m attracting are at another level,” she wrote.

The brand influencer and content creator also previously served as personal assistant to Mrs. Muraya, also known as Size 8.

Their relationship had its ups and downs, with Chacha admitting to a fallout in 2020, leading to them unfollowing each other on Instagram. However, they’ve since reconciled.

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