Diamond and Harmonize re-ignite their beef again

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Diamond and Harmonize grabbed headlines once again over the weekend as they traded jabs and reignited their longstanding feud.

Recent sightings of the two Bongo stars hanging out together a few weeks ago had fueled speculation of a potential collaboration. However, it wasn’t long before the bitter rivalry between the two artists was laid bare for all to see.

Diamond Platnumz took to social media over the weekend to express his pride in nurturing talent within the music industry, specifically mentioning his former WCB signee, Harmonize.

However, Harmonize interpreted Diamond’s words as an attempt to diminish his own accomplishments.

In response, Diamond reiterated his pride in Harmonize’s achievements and extended an invitation to him for an upcoming show, highlighting his desire to celebrate their collective successes over the years.

Tajiri na mali zake, maskini na wanawe. Mali sina, acha nijivunie na nyie wanangu wa dhahabu kwenye miaka 15. Nataka tufanye event moja ya uko mzima and we celebrate kidogo, Mungo alichotubariki,” Diamond said

However, Harmonize swiftly declined the invitation, criticizing Diamond for his perceived arrogance and reminding him of their past disputes.

Tatizo maskini huyu hukumbuka wanawe akishakusanya mali zake. Haiwezi kuja kutokea hio miaka 15 maana shillingi 600 million kunilipa hutoweza,” Harmonize said.

Harmonize further accused Diamond of sabotaging his opportunities by allegedly dissuading show promoters from booking him, alleging that Diamond feared being overshadowed.

Kisirisiri unawaambiaga waandaa show, hasa za nchi ya nje kwamba nikiwepo Mimi huwezi kuzifanya maana tutaonekana tupo level moja!” Chui said.

Their tumultuous history dates back to Harmonize’s departure from Diamond’s WCB music label six years ago, sparking a public fallout between the once-close friends.

Harmonize reportedly paid a hefty sum to be allowed to terminate his contract with WCB. After that, he was thus released of his contractual obligations and was able to establish his own recording company and manage his YouTube channel independently.

Since then, the relationship between Diamond and Harmonize has remained strained, with both artists frequently trading barbs in interviews and on social media.

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