University of Nairobi to host first ever content creators symposium

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

International Creators Day in Kenya will be held on April 23rd, 2024 and is expected to bring together over 2,000 social media influencers and industry representatives at the University of Nairobi.

The event aims to recognize and celebrate the contributions of digital content creators worldwide, highlighting their entrepreneurial spirit and ability to inspire, entertain, and educate communities.

Martin Muli, the Kenya Coordinator for International Creator Day and Director of Kenya Social Media Awards (SOMA), announced the event, emphasizing its role as a platform for creators, brands, and industry service providers to connect through exhibitions and conferences.

The conference will feature discussions led by industry experts on global and local trends in content creation, covering topics such as content monetization, engagement, tools, brand influencing, and creator start-up financing.

Leading digital platforms, creator management agencies, and industry brands will participate, alongside an exhibition showcasing the latest innovations and equipment for creators.

Kenya’s digital content creator economy has witnessed significant growth, with creators monetizing various types of content. From memes to videos, blogs to apps, creators are finding success through branding deals, advertising revenue sharing, subscriptions, and direct payments from followers.

International Creators Day aims to celebrate Kenya’s digital talent and provide valuable networking, learning, and collaboration opportunities in the dynamic digital landscape. With the creator economy poised for further growth, events like these are expected to play a crucial role in nurturing and empowering creators for future success.

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