Comedian Njugush and wife Celestine Wakavinye venture into matatu business

David Osoro
David Osoro

Comedian Timothy Kimani, popularly known as Njugush, and his wife Celestine Ndinda, aka Wakavinye, have diversified their business interests by venturing into the matatu business.

Their latest acquisition, a new Minibus, has been named after their firstborn son, Blessed Tugi.

The couple has also registered the matatu with the renowned Super Metro Sacco and will operate the Minibus on a relatively new route between Nairobi and Kitengela.

The unveiling of the Minibus, which took place on Thursday, was marked by a dedication ceremony and a word of prayer before officially commencing operations.

Njugush expressed his enthusiasm for exploring new business opportunities, emphasizing the importance of seizing such chances.

Inside the Minibus, the couple has adorned the walls with pictures of Njugush’s close friends and business associates, including Eddie Butita and Philip Karanja.

Philip Karanja, in particular, has collaborated with Njugush and Celestine on various projects, such as the Through Thick and Thin (TTNT) live show series. His is therefore the first image that you see when you step inside the matatu.

In his remarks during the unveiling, Njugush expressed gratitude to his friends, including Butita, Abel Mutua, Judy Mutua, and Philip Karanja, for their support in pursuing his dreams. He attributed their success to hard work and divine guidance, urging Kenyans to support their venture and expressing hope for its success.

Njugush also mentioned his interest in exploring other avenues, such as farming, and emphasized the importance of capitalizing on existing successes to make wise investments. He sees this venture as a trial and remains optimistic about its prospects.

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