Citizen TV journalist Stephen Letoo weds in glamorous ceremony

David Osoro
David Osoro

Celebrated media personality Stephen Letoo and his fiancée Irene Renoi Kiptikoi finally exchanged vows in the highly hyped and anticipated ceremony on Saturday, April 20.

The enchanting affair commenced at the Methodist church in Narok in an intimate small church function before transitioning to a jubilant public celebration that involved a large gathering of thousands at the Ole Ntimama Stadium. Here, the bridal and groom’s entourages merged with the public who had filled the stadium in a joyous celebration, marked by pomp and color.

Prior to this grand event, a traditional wedding with cultural significance took place in Kilgoris the previous day, highlighted by the African ritual of dowry payment.

Letoo, who also goes by the title ‘Chairman – Mens Conference’ has previously been in the limelight stating that he is polygamous and has several women.

The media personality has been vocal about his support for polygamy, saying that it is natural for men to have multiple wives and that women should accept it.

He also said that plans to marry several wives in a mass wedding.

The self-proclaimed chairman of the men’s conference said that the mass wedding would be a big surprise for the public, as they would get to know the total number of his wives.

I’m 100% polygamous. At this moment, I am not sure of the total number of women I will marry, but I am still adding. The dowry budget is still going up. Most importantly, I have an upcoming wedding at Ole Ntimama Grounds. It will be a big surprise on April 20. It will be Stephen Letoo’s public wedding. You will come to know the number of women I have. What I am sure about is that the pastor will not ask who is opposing this union, but he will instead ask who is feeling she has been left out?” Letoo said back in April during an interview with Radio Maisha.

This weekend however, Letoo dispelled rumors of polygamous intentions and joyfully committed to one woman – Irene Renoi Kiptikoi in holy matrimony, setting aside earlier plans for a mass wedding.

The festivities were graced by a host of top media personalities and Letoo’s colleagues, including Citizen TV’s Editorial Director Linus Kaikai, news anchor Swaleh Mdoe, Kennedy Mureithi (best man), his wife Diana Amunga (best lady), Chemutai Goin, Ben Kirui, Melita Ole Tenges, Brian Muchiri, Makori Ongechi, and many more.

The celebrations are expected to continue with a feast at the Ole Ntimama Stadium, where fun and merrymaking will prevail.

An array of entertainers is also scheduled to thrill those in attendance.

Colleagues and friends of Stephen Letoo at Methodist church, Narok [Photo courtesy/ Mtupicha studios]

Letoo further shared his perspective on honeymoon plans, expressing a departure from the conventional approach. Rather than opting for a traditional honeymoon destination, he proposed a novel idea: each of them would choose a different location to honeymoon separately!

Letoo explained that the purpose of the honeymoon is to relax after the exhaustive wedding planning, rather than feeling pressured to conceive abroad. He emphasized that his bride would choose her destination, while he would choose his own.

I told the guest of honor for that day to choose where she wants to go. I will go on my honeymoon alone, and she will go on hers. The honeymoon should be about wiping off the sweat you’ve gone through with very thorough plans. Not going to struggle to conceive a child abroad,” Letoo stated.

He further stated, “I will choose mine; If I choose to go to Maasai Mara, I will go and she will choose hers, even if it’s Dubai, she will go with her friends.”

Congratulations to the newly weds! 🎉

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