Christina Shusho reveals why she left her matrimonial home

muloozi Daniel
muloozi Daniel

Tanzanian singer Christina Shusho recently revealed the reasons behind her decision to leave her matrimonial home, citing a need to focus on her calling.

The reknowned singer shared her sentiments during an interview with New Jerusalem Church TV.

Expressing her thoughts, Shusho emphasized her commitment to authenticity and truthfulness. She explained that her decision was inspired by a dream she had, which she interpreted as a divine assignment that she needed to pursue wholeheartedly.

“For me, acha niongee tu roho safi. naomba watakaofuarilia na wafuatilie na waamini huyu ndio mimi. I have never been fake, and I don’t lie. The truth is, it’s just an assignment. There is nothing different other than that. The assignment God has given me this season cannot allow me to stay where I was. I had to leave to go fulfill the assignment,” she said.

Despite the significant decision to leave home, Shusho highlighted that the process was amicable. She respectfully approached her husband and requested his support in releasing her to embark on her journey.

“I told him to allow me to carry my burden as I usually do. Let me carry my load, and you continue with your service. There was no problem at all,” she stated, underscoring the mutual understanding between them.

Addressing inquiries about the similarity in their callings, Shusho clarified that while they were united in marriage, their callings were distinct.

She further emphasized the importance of respecting each other’s unique paths and reaching agreements based on mutual understanding.

“Kuolewa ni part. lakini alichokiweka Mungu ndani yenu ni vitu viwili tofauti. Mungu anaweza akakuwekea hichi na mii hiki. Kinachotakiwa tu mfike kwenye agreement. Nilewe alicho nacho mwenzangu na yeye aelewe nilicho nachoalafu yione ni wapi tunaweza kukutania,” she said.

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