Akothee reveals she spent over Ksh.12 million educating her daughter Fancy

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Kenyan singer Akothee has disclosed that she spent approximately 12.8 million shillings on her daughter Fancy’s university education.

Let me give you an example, that’s my daughter, the character that I built in this girl she went to France at the age of 18. We looked for a house together. I left her there, and she has attained her education for 4 years I was paying Sh3.2million a year and I used to bank the money in her account,” Akothee revealed.

However, this financial support came with a stern caution against misuse.

Therefore I wanted her to be accountable, so she had two choices -first pay her future or mess up her life,” Akothee added.

Akothee and Fancy were speaking during an interview with presenter Ali.

Fancy Makadia, Akothee’s youngest daughter, returned to Kenya to attend her mother’s charity event on Saturday, April 27.

The self-declared President of Single mothers launched a charity call and appeal in Nyali for Ksh.20 million for Akothee academy she had launched. She wants to build dormitories and nurture the 70 children enrolled in Akothee Academy.

Akothee, who has three daughters and two sons, regards Fancy as potential wife material, often expressing her belief that Fancy is the most likely of her children to settle down.

At 24 years old, Fancy is engaged to Fairouz Vivian Ligali Ali, a model and actor. She joyfully announced her engagement on March 23, sharing a photo of her ring with the caption, “Excited to start this new chapter with my soulmate.”

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