Akothee opens up on pain caused by her cheating ex-husband

Bramwel Oloo
Bramwel Oloo

Self-declared President of Single Mothers has opened up on the heartbreak her ex-husband Jared Okello put her through with his cheating escapades.

During an open TikTok live session, Akothee delved into the pain of infidelity, particularly recounting the discovery that her first husband was seeing another woman from Kisii.

Akothee revealed that she initially believed her husband was traveling to Eldoret for mission work purposes, only to later discover that he was spending weekends with another woman.

Nilikoma na kushika simu ya wanaume siku nilipata message. Baba Vesha amenihepa weekend mzima kumbe amekutana na mkisii wanapagawa mpaka mkisii anamwandikia message to be continued tomorrow night. So I was like what is this to be continued? Huyu jamaa amekuwa akienda hii Eldoret anasema anaenda makambi sijui mahubiri, kumbe kuna kitu,” Akothee narrated.

Like a good wife protecting her brood, Akothee then decided to confront the other woman, urging her to steer clear of her husband.

However, to her surprise, the other woman displayed an unexpected level of confidence, shutting Akothee down and advising her to focus on her own marriage, which was in jeopardy.

“Nikachukua simu nikatumia huyo msichana message nikamwambia leave my husband alone… The side chick aliniambia you better be careful because your marriage is at stake. That was the end of me attacking women,” she said,” Akothee recounted.

Since then, Akothee emphasized that she refrains from checking her boyfriends’ phones, regardless of the situation’s urgency.

Akothee also alluded to other challenging relationships she had after leaving her first husband, including one with her son’s father, Marcus, who also reportedly cheated and mistreated her.

Akothee is a mother of five children: three daughters (Vesha, Rue and Fancy) from her first husband, Jared Okello; and two sons from relationships with a Frenchman and a Swiss national, respectively.

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