Nikita Kering nursing leg injury after being attacked by cow while milking it

muloozi Daniel
muloozi Daniel

Kenyan singer and songwriter Nikita Kering is currently recovering from a leg injury sustained during an unexpected attack by a cow while she was milking it.

The incident occurred as she was preparing a meal for her family at her rural home during the Easter holiday.

Nikita shared the events on her Instagram page, where she posted a video of herself preparing Kenya’s traditional dish, ugali, and the renowned Kalenjin cultural beverage, ‘Mursik,’ before tending to the cow.

Initially, the milking process went smoothly. However, the situation took a sudden turn when the cow, with its legs restrained by a rope, unexpectedly kicked out at Nikita while she was seated on a low stool.

In her attempt to avoid further harm, Nikita stood up quickly, resulting in an injury to her leg as she hurriedly exited the shed.

Following the minor accident, the acclaimed artist was promptly taken for medical treatment. She later posted another video on her Instagram, revealing her right leg wrapped in a bandage from knee to ankle as she recuperates.

Despite the setback, Nikita recently made a musical comeback after nearly a year-long hiatus. Her latest single, “Let You Down,” featuring Kemene, has garnered significant attention on social media platforms.

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