Milly Chebby exposes husband Terence for faking he owns a G-Wagon

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Content creator Milly Chebby has disclosed that her comedian husband, Terence Creative, does not possess the black Mercedes G-Wagon showcased on social media.

Terence has since last week been creating shockwaves on the social scene after pictures of him driving a sleek Sh30 million G Wagon emerged on the internet.

Although the comedian has not claimed that he bought the car, many people are assuming that it is his since he has been seen driving it in different places.

Chebby has however come out to caution their fans about the authenticity of online content.

“Social media is for all of us… sometimes things just happen. If I’ve seen people congratulating you for buying a car and flaunting it, it’s not his.”

Terence, taken aback, chided his wife, exclaiming, “You’re spoiling the game.”

Milly Chebby, realizing her unintentional revelation, laughed it off, saying, “Oops, I’m causing trouble!”

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