Jamal Rohosafi’s ex-wife, Amira, undergoes breast and thigh enhancement surgery

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Influential digital creator and entrepreneur, Amira, announced to her fans that she has undergone cosmetic surgery to ‘enhance’ her breasts, thighs, and tummy.

Amira, who is the ex-wife to Jamal Roho Safi took to Instagram to share her journey, posting before and after pictures from the operating theater and expressing gratitude for a successful surgery.

“Finally did it, Alhamdulillah my surgery was a success. I got a breast lift, thigh plasty, lipo and tummy tuck, I know it’s a lot,” she wrote on her Instagram stories, showing her hand wrapped in bandages.

Amira also further indicated that she planned to share her healing process with her followers. She also went ahead to appreciate her body for never folding during tough times.

“Woke up feeling so light and free today. Mostly feeling so proud of how far my body has brought me. No matter how many times I’ve disappointed my body, she never folded! That’s the rawest thing ever to me,” she said.

The relationship between Amira and Jamal had been a subject of public interest before their separation. It was marked by much publicized spats on social media.

In a previous interview, Jamal revealed that their love story traces back to their high school days, culminating in the birth of their first child, Shamir.

Despite initial family disputes, Jamal stated that he worked hard to ensure Amira was accepted into his family.

However, after five years together, they separated, leaving Jamal to raise the children and manage his matatu business alone. During this time, Jamal met Amber Ray, whom he eventually started dating.

Amira’s disapproval of Jamal’s new relationship led to conflicts, with Jamal accusing her of insults and provocation. The situation escalated on social media, with Amira demanding a public apology. Jamal maintains that while he apologized, the post shared from his account was not his, and Amira orchestrated the apology post.

He explained that Amira was the one who drafted the public apology on his phone and went ahead to publish it.

The drama between the three personalities garnered attention on Instagram, increasing their followers.

Eventually, Jamal decided to end his relationship with Amira due to ongoing conflicts. He further accused Amira of drinking alcohol in their house.

Jamal would later on kick out Amira from their home and even removed her belongings from the house after their relationship deteriorated.

Despite the challenges, both Jamal and Amira continue to maintain a presence on social media, sharing snippets of their personal lives with their followers.

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