I love older women, says Boutross

Bramwel Oloo
Bramwel Oloo

Kenyan singer Mwebia Munene, widely known as Boutross, has opened up about his preference for older women, citing a fetish for mature women with whom he can engage in meaningful conversations.

“I like a mature woman whom I can have a meaningful conversation with, at least a conversation that can make sense,” Boutross said.

He further specified that he considers women aged between 35 to 37 to be mature.

Boutross, a reknowned Kenyan rapper, record producer, songwriter, and singer, boasts a significant following on social media platforms. His single “Angela” gained global attention, reaching 1 billion views on TikTok.

Additionally, Boutross serves as the co-owner of ADF Music, an independent record company known for its roster of rappers referred to as the AD Family.

When questioned about the prospect of being financially supported by a woman, Boutross expressed openness to the idea, stating, “I wouldn’t mind being taken care of, but I wouldn’t settle down.”

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