DJ Joe Mfalme arrested for murder of DCI officer

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Police officers from Kabete have arrested popular Nairobi DJ Joseph Mwenda Munoru, popularly known as ‘DJ Joe Mfalme’, alongside his bouncer, driver, photographer, and three police officers for the murder of a Nairobi-based DCI officer.

The alleged murder unfolded as DJ Joe Mfalme and his entourage were en route to Kikuyu when they were caught up in a minor traffic collision which escalated into a violent altercation. The road incident then resulted in the officer being beaten to a pulp by the DJ and his bouncers.

According to reports, the DCI officer hit and scratched the popular DJ’s vehicle leading to the entourage turning against the officer. The DJ’s crew then assaulted Inspector Felix Kelian Kentos on March 16, 2024, leading to his demise.

Seven individuals are currently under scrutiny as investigators delve into the details of the incident.

The quartet, along with the three police officers, were arrested by detectives from Kabete Police Station tasked with probing the matter. It is claimed that the aftermath of the altercation which occurred on 16th March resulted in severe injuries which led to the death of officer Kelian four days later.

Furthermore, it is alleged that the bouncers after assaulting the late officers then handed over the ‘troublesome culprit’ to police officers present at the scene who also added further beating to the officer thus increasing his injuries and contributing to his death.

It is not known if the officers were aware that the ‘troublesome’ person they were assaulting was one of their own.

Kelian, who succumbed to his injuries on Friday while receiving treatment at Nairobi West Hospital, had been admitted due to abdominal pains and other injuries sustained during the altercation.

Following his passing, Kelian’s remains were transferred to Umash Funeral Home as investigations continue. Postmortem examinations were conducted on Saturday and results are yet to be released.

Authorities are also seeking to locate additional witnesses, including motorcycle taxi riders present during the incident, to aid in their investigation.
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