Carrol Sonie’s new boyfriend buys her an iPhone 15 Pro Max

muloozi Daniel
muloozi Daniel

Actress and influencer Carrol Sonnie recently introduced her new beau to the world, just a few years after her public split with comedian Mulamwah.

In a playful social media video, Carrol’s partner surprises her with a unique choice: a brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max or the exciting possibility of welcoming a second child.

Carrol, clearly enjoying the moment, picks one of the options, which turns out to be the coveted phone. The video then follows them to a store where the boyfriend happily purchases the gift. The couple walks hand-in-hand, ending the clip with a warm embrace, hinting at the strong connection and thoughtfulness in their relationship.

While the phone takes center stage, the surprise element with the baby hint leaves fans wondering if there’s more to come for Carrol and her new man.

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