Rael Mungai replaces Eve Mungai as Director Trevor’s new star

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Rael Wangare has taken over as the new digital content creator on Director Trevor’s YouTube channel, which has undergone a rebranding to Kenya Online Media.

Director Trevor officially confirmed the split with Mungai Eve on Monday, stating, “Her services are no longer needed.”

Wangare who was previously Eve’s surrogate has expressed excitement about her debut on the revamped channel, emphasizing that it marks the start of a new era.

“What you have known as Mungai Eve Media is now Kenya Online Media under the guidance of Director Trevor.”

While Wangare disclosed her involvement, she maintained secrecy about other crew members, except for Captain Nyota.

Confirming the breakup between Director Trevor and Eve, Wangare revealed that they had actually parted ways in February 2023, coinciding with the start of Trevor’s Facebook media page.

Addressing fans, Wangare urged them to refrain from getting overly involved in the situation, emphasizing that change can lead to positive outcomes.

Meanwhile, Eve, currently on vacation in Zanzibar, has not responded to the developments. In a previous interview, she discussed the expansion of their brand, now known as Mungai Eve Media, and highlighted the growth of their team, which comprises about 15 individuals.

Eve acknowledged the challenges in their relationship but emphasized their mutual decision to keep personal matters private. She stressed, “Each relationship has its own challenges, but we prefer not to air our dirty laundry in public.”

Real Wangari
Real Wangari
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