Mulamwah charging Sh100 million for his son’s face reveal

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Comedian Mulamwah has announced that he is charging Sh100 million in order to reveal his son’s face to the world.

“The face reveal will come at the right time…maybe we will charge Sh100 million but believe me, we will do things differently,’ said the comedian.

He went on to add that being a celebrity did not come with any pointers which is why he was cruising through life as he saw fit.

”There is no marking scheme to being a celebrity, just do what you believe is right and enjoy yourself and those fans will enjoy or will be happy with you,” the comic said.

Mulamwah and his wife Ruth K announced the arrival of their son on February 10, 2024. Shortly afterward, they went on to open an Instagram page for him.

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