Manzi Wa Kibera sparks reunion rumours with 69-year-old octogenerian boyfriend

muloozi Daniel
muloozi Daniel

The unexpected reunion of controversial socialite Manzi Wa Kibera and her ex-boyfriend, Mzee, has ignited a fresh wave of debate among netizens, stirring up a flurry of reactions across social media platforms.

Recent photos shared on Manzi Wa Kibera’s Instagram page depict the two lovebirds enjoying each other’s company, capturing a moment of reconciliation. One particular image is accompanied by a caption that reads, “Been trying to reach my ex but finally today we met and I apologized.”

A poignant moment emerged when Mzee publicly appealed to Manzi Wa Kibera to return a title deed he had given her during their relationship in a heartfelt conversation with Youtuber Nicholas Kioko. Despite expressing his enduring love for Manzi and his desire for reconciliation, Mzee respectfully acknowledged that if a reunion was not feasible, he hoped she would return the title deed.

Manzi Wa Kibera revealed the toll that persistent online trolling had taken on her mental health, admitting that she and Mzee struggled to cope with the relentless barrage of criticism.

The pressure from public scrutiny ultimately led to their decision to part ways, highlighting the challenges of navigating relationships under the glare of social media.

Notorious for her relationships with affluent men, Manzi Wa Kibera, self-identifying as a “hustler,” strategically maneuvers the dating scene. Hailing from Kibera and raised in Limuru after her mother’s tragic passing, she has overcome adversity to become a social media sensation, amassing a substantial following with her captivating lifestyle content.

In a candid interview with Mungai Eve, Manzi Wa Kibera opened up about her family’s hardships, detailing their financial struggles and her journey to success since entering the entertainment industry in 2015. Despite her challenging past, she has emerged as a resilient figure, carving her path to prominence in the digital realm.

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