Jackie Matubia buys a new Mercedes Benz

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia is making waves as the proud owner of a new Mercedes Benz, sharing the exciting news with her fans on Instagram.

The mother of two delightedly posted several photos showcasing her alongside the elegant white vehicle, donned in a matching white dress.

“If you like it, buy it 😉😅 from @vivamotorsltd. Upgrading your transportation since 1980 😉,” she captioned the post.

In a previous interview, Matubia disclosed that she’s been savoring life’s pleasures since a young age.

She mentioned making her first million at 22, attributing it to a high-paying advertisement she participated in.

Reflecting on her financial journey, she shared, “At the age of, was it 22 or 23 yeah? I did an advert.”

The actress highlighted her early entry into the workforce, securing a job immediately after completing high school. Adding a touch of glamour to her lifestyle, Matubia proudly revealed her sleek ride, stating that her most prized possession is her Mercedes Benz.

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