How AI can revive your sex drive

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Feeling uninspired in the bedroom? Forget candles and lingerie – the intimacy game is getting a high-tech makeover.

According to the Lovehoney 2024 trends report, smart technology developed in the past few years has allowed areas of sexual wellness to become more sophisticated. As sexologist Christine Rafe explains, “Toys are already quite personalized with some modern models now app-controlled so users can create their own unique vibrational patterns.”

But there’s more to it than just fancy controls. The big buzzword is AI: “It allows us to interpret data and craft individual responses based on sensory feedback, like body temperature and pulse, to fit the user’s needs,” says Fabian Schmolck, emerging technology expert at Lovehoney.

“However, incorporating more AI personalization gives the capacity for the toy to learn about the user’s own unique pleasure and then incorporate that knowledge into solo or partnered play,” Rafe adds. This could be a game-changer for those who struggle to communicate their needs or simply want to explore their pleasure further.

And the benefits extend beyond individual gratification. Research shows that 62% of people still feel uncomfortable talking about sex and sexual pleasure, particularly with a therapist.

This is where AI chatbots come in. “The interesting thing about desire and sex drive is that it is influenced by so many factors from environmental to psychological, even sexual awareness,” Rafe explains.

“A lot of what motivates our drive is the satisfaction of previous experience. If we’re having unsatisfying solo or partnered sex, our drive is going to be lower and there will be less motivation to go back and do it again.”

These new AI apps aim to address that by providing a safe space for exploration and education. “These apps mean people can address the concerns or questions they may have about sex and pleasure, without having to share their vulnerability aloud and in person,” says Rafe.

“It gives them that feeling of being in a safe space, their own space, without judgement.”

However, it’s important to remember that tech should complement, not replace, intimacy. Lovehoney Group emphasizes responsible development that prioritizes human connection.

As the bedroom embraces AI, the key will be striking a balance between personalized pleasure and genuine emotional connection.

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